Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam Price: $9,700
Dimensions: 20" x 33" x 22"

During the days of the great cattle drives, it was not unusual for a herd to be driven through the dusty streets of the towns along its path. This longhorn cow and calf are being driven by the tired cowboy through a flock of chickens and a goat that were minding their own business, presumably on a street somewhere. In the days before streetlights and car horns, this traffic jam caused quite a stir.

Jeff has always wanted to sculpt a cattle drive scene but did not want to do just another run-of-the-mill version of cattle stampeding. It is his hope that the idea for "Traffic Jam" is original enough to be worthy of capturing in bronze. Jeff's challenge was to make it seem like all the different animals are scattering while at the same time the sculpture as a whole has a sense of rhythm that is artistically pleasing to the eye.

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