Distant Crossing

Distant Crossing Price: $875
Dimensions: 3" x 6" x 22.5"

A solitary horse and rider crosses a rocky stream.

This sculpture was a successful experiment. First, Jeff wanted to give the viewer the sense of looking at the subject from a a long ways away. This is accomplished by making the foreground much larger than the subject, as in a movie when there is a panoramic scene. Second, Jeff wanted to experiment with abstract forms and then contextualize those forms by adding in a representational subject. In other words, as soon as you place the little horse and rider into the composition, the grouping of clay wedges suddenly becomes a grouping of rocks at a river crossing.

To top it all off, you can have the option of a "pit" patina (not shown here) done to the sculpture. The patina is the chemical coloration applied to the bronze. A pit patina is the process of burying the sculpture in the ground with the chemicals to react organically for a week or so. The result is a random, unexpected mix of golds and earth tones that can be quite beautiful. No two pit patinas are alike, which makes each one a kind of experiment, which fits well with the experimental nature of this particular sculpture.

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